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Maureen's Home Bay Listing
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Maureen's Story:

When I asked Maureen what prompted her to sell her home, she said, “It was just the right time. My husband Gabriel and I had owned the home for ten years and the market was peaking. We know a lot about real estate, so we know that it’s smart to act fast when conditions are right. Plus, we were ready to move and tackle a new life adventure."

No Stranger to Real Estate:

Maureen got her real estate license years ago and since, she and her husband  have purchased and sold many properties that they have leveraged as personal investments. Maureen’s never used an agent or third party service to sell. Instead, her go-to strategy is to get listings on the MLS, then incorporate general marketing tactics to build exposure. In addition to managing investment sales, Maureen and Gabriel have also executed sales for family members, so as they prepared to list their own home, they anticipated a similar process, with a few key differences.

Help in a High Value Market:

As real estate veterans, Maureen and Gabriel knew that a high priced property in a peak market needed to be executed flawlessly to guarantee the best return on their investment. So they decided that this time around, having expert help to check details to make sure every aspect of the sale went smoothly was essential.

They found Home Bay through a local real estate agent named Maryann, who had a personal connection to our co-founder, Tom Owen. Maryann was a fan of our service and was instrumental in introducing Maureen to Home Bay. Intrigued, Maureen talked to Tom, was impressed by our service and decided to give us a shot. But as she got ready to sell, there was one thing that surprised her.

Emotions Run High:

“There was a really emotional component about selling my own home that I wasn’t anticipating,” Maureen said. "It never happened with investment properties." But after she and her husband spent ten years building memories, Maureen realized it would be difficult to detach herself from all the stories that resonated within the walls of their home. Then, as buyers started to come by for open houses, Maureen found herself sharing personal stories about the home.

You Have to Remove Yourself:

It took Maureen and Gabriel 80 days to sell. In retrospect, they believe the emotional attachment to the home is a big part of why it took a little longer than anticipated. Maureen said, “At first, I was sharing stories about my family and the home, and over time, I began to realize that was a turnoff for buyers. Rather than hear about how we had made the house our home, I needed to let prospective buyers visualize their own future memories. I also found I was overly hospitable at times, during tours and open houses. Turns out, its best to let people have their space when they come to walk through your home.”

The Best Thing About Home Bay:

"Home Bay’s team is fabulous. You listened to me and you have such experienced people who double check every aspect of the sale, which is super helpful." Throughout the selling experience, she was most impressed by our team’s fast response times, professionalism and extensive real estate knowledge.

Advice for Future Sellers Considering Home Bay:

"Take disclosure forms very seriously for the region you’re in, try not to show your emotional attachment to the home when you're talking to potential buyers and surround yourself with a good professional team, like Home Bay, who knows more about real estate than you do." 

When I asked Maureen if she'd use Home Bay again, she said, "Absolutely, and I’ll recommend the service to people as well. I would always use it for my investment properties." As for her plans for the money she saved? "Investing in more properties!" 

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