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Real Estate Websites Don't Display Your Contact Info - Here's Why.

By HomeBay

Real estate websites like Redfin, Realtor.com and Trulia don't display your contact information. Why? Because they make money by selling buyer lead contact information to real estate agents. That's why you see agent photos next to your listings on these sites. 

If buyers could contact you directly, it would wreck these website's ability to make money by selling buyer info. That's why most of the contact you receive during a listing will be from a buyers agent, reaching out to you on a buyer's behalf. 

Here's how different sites display listings:

  1. Redfin only displays contact information for Redfin buyer agents.
  2. Trulia, Realtor.com and Zillow display buyer agents who pay to advertise on your listing page.
  3. Broker sites like ColdwellBanker.com and REMAX.com only display contact info for their agents.


As you can see, all these sites favor buyer's agents.

At HomeBay, by contrast, everything we do focuses on favoring the seller. That's why we build our listing websites in a way that make it easy for buyers to reach you directly.

Your HomeBay listing will have:

  • A prominent Contact Owner button so buyers can contact you directly. 
  • Go See It button that makes it easy for buyers without agents to schedule showings
  • An integrated system that allows buyers to make an offer right from your listing page
  • Your contact info in the MLS showing instructions so buyer agents contact you directly
Let's take a look at what buyers who view your listing will see.



Contact Owner:contact-owner.jpg

Request a Showing:go-see-it.jpg

Submit an Offer: submit-an-offer.jpg

When you're selling your own property, it's valuable to work with a partner that is focused on your best interests. HomeBay is that partner.

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