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Relationship Between Home Bay Technologies Inc. & HomeBay Broker CA, Inc. and Our Other Affiliated Brokerages

By HomeBay

There are a lot of players in a real estate transaction and keeping them all straight can be confusing. This post will explain the difference between Home Bay Technologies Inc. and HomeBay Broker CA, Inc. and  explain who provides what services in a transaction.el-cajon-listing.png

Here's the legal lingo:

Home Bay Technologies Inc. ("HomeBay Tech") is a technology company like Zillow. It does not provide broker services in a real estate transaction. Any and all broker services in California will be provided by HomeBay Broker CA, Inc. ("Broker"), a licensed real estate brokerage in the state of California and a HomeBay Tech subsidiary. The equivalent of Broker in Florida, Georgia and Illiois are, respectively, HomeBay Broker SE, Inc., HomeBay Broker GA, Inc. and HomeBay Broker IL, Inc. (collectively, the "Affiliated Brokers").

Here's the breakdown:

HomeBay Tech Provides:

  • Technology to help you 
  • An electronic signature platform
  • Phone support related to technology questions
  • Software for scheduling showings
  • Software for open houses
  • A network of professional real estate photographers who can be reached and scheduled through the tech platform
  • A network of sign installers who can be reached and scheduled through the tech platform

The Affiliated Broker Provides:

  • Broker representation in your real estate transaction
  • MLS listing
  • Disclosure forms
  • Counter offers
  • Phone support to answer your real estate questions


Collectively HomeBay Tech and its Affiliated Brokers work together to provide you comprehensive seller support. We offer you access to a team of experts; a real estate broker, a certified transaction coordinator, and so on. These parties work together to support you through your home sale.

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