What Does the HomeBay For Sale Sign Look Like?

By HomeBay

Here is what the HomeBay For Sale sign looks like. We are quite proud of it -- a marked improvement relative to the cheesy listing FSBO signs of the past!

homebay_sign-1.jpgIn this photo, a home seller in Newport customized the HomeBay sign with a sign rider showing their phone number. Such riders can typically be purchased for about $30.orange_county.jpgThe below picture shows a home in Oakdale where a flyer box was added. Flyer boxes can be purchased for about $15 through online vendors like Amazon.oakdale.jpgWe don't view flyer boxes as necessary (or even helpful) because for today's buyer, the flyer is their smart phone. Buyers can easily pull up your house on their favorite real estate app while standing in front of your home.

What do you think of our sign? Sell without agent or sell without realtor no longer means bad sign!

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