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How to Customize Your HomeBay For Sale Sign

By HomeBay

You can customize a HomeBay For Sale sign by purchasing a real estate sign rider. Example sign riders might show your phone number, pool, coming soon, price reduced, etc. All of our sign posts have a slot at the top where you can add a rider of your choosing. 

homebay_sign.jpgWith the exception of your phone number, we generally feel sign riders are a waste of money. That said, they are inexpensive so if you feel a particular asset of your home will draw more interest to your property - go for it!

There are lots of vendors who sell various types of signs online to those listing FSBO, those listing without agents and to realtors themselves. Just do a quick Google search for real estate sign riders. You can also find various pre-printed options on Amazon and at local retail stores like Walmart and Home Depot. 

If you prefer a custom sign, you can ask a local sign company to print one for you. Local sign companies regularly work with sellers without realtors.

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