Why Your Contact Info is Not Always Displayed in Your Listing

By Home Bay

HomeBay syndicates your listing to all the major websites that buyers use to find a home, plus thousands of local real estate sites. This post will explain how potential buyers know how to contact you if your information isn't shown.

Sites That Don't Display Seller Information:

Essentially, any site that isn't HomeBay doesn't allow your information to be shown.

Here are the details:

  • Redfin only displays Redfin agents, and local agent sites only display the local agent who owns that particular website. Realtor.com features agents who pay to be on that page.
  • Same goes for Zillow and Trulia. They were holdouts for a long time, but in the summer of 2016, they opted to remove all seller contact info on all listings except for FSBO listings.
  • All these sites earn money by selling advertising to realtors, which means realtors will also appear on your listing page, and we cannot remove them.
  • You’ll notice that HomeBay also appears in the agent section, which happens because we input your listing onto these sites. If an interested buyer contacts us instead of you, we immediately forward the inquiry to you.
  • The MLS doesn't display seller contact information directly, but does keep the information in its database and makes it accessible to realtors. Any buyer’s agent who uses the MLS to look up your listing is instructed to contact you directly.

HomeBay Makes it Easy for Buyers to Contact You:

Your HomeBay listing page has buttons that allow buyers to reach out to you directly. They can both send messages and request showings right from your main listing page, as shown below. el-cajon-listing.png

 Questions about seller contact info on listing sites? Ask us!

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