Can HomeBay Represent my Buyer & Save me More Money?

By HomeBay

HomeBay's broker frequently represents both seller and buyer, and in such case, your savings will be significantly more.

make_an_offer.pngBuyers can submit offers to you directly without a real estate agent by clicking the "Make Offer" button on your property detail page and answering simple questions like:
  • What purchase price are you offering?
  • When can you close? 
  • Are you preapproved?

At the end of approximately 20 questions, our software generates a legal offer. After the buyer electronically signs the offer, you will immediately receive it via email. 

We will also assist your buyer with all the tasks the buyer agent would typically handle, such as disclosures and coordinating with the bank and escrow company. 

Questions about our buyer program? Ask us!

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