5 Reasons You Should Take Notes on Potential Buyers

By Home Bay

As you preparing to sell your property, you're going to encounter a lot of potential buyers. It may seem like it's unnecessary to keep track of each new person you talk to, but doing so can actually help you sell your home faster. Here are five big reasons it's valuable to take notes on potential buyers.

photodune-1353788-typing-s.jpgAs buyers sift through listings, they're looking for a home that meets their needs in two specific ways. First, it needs to meet their criteria, which is to say the number of beds and baths their looking for and the location they want to live in. Second, it needs to fit their budget.

Typically, when a buyer starts seriously looking for a home, they'll go through all the available listings and will decide whether they want to see a home or whether something in the listing merits that it be removed from their list of potential properties.

If they work through all the inventory and don't find the right fit, they are likely to reconsider homes they had previously dismissed for one reason or another. That's where keeping buyers in the loop can help you sell your home.

How it can benefit you to stay in touch:

  1. If you receive an offer:
    You can contact all persons who have seen your home and let them know. Doing so can encourage additional offers and competitive bidding. Doing so may mean you get more money. 

  2. If you change your price:
    You can email potential buyers so they can reconsider your home at it's lower price. If a buyer or two had your home on their shortlist but felt they were priced out, they will be eager to put in an offer when they hear about the price drop.

  3. If your listing isn't attracting enough buyers:
    Real buyers who toured your home are the best source of feedback you'll ever get on the home price and listing. You can ask them what they thought of your home and if they made an offer on another property. Getting this feedback can help you adjust your price or your marketing strategy to appeal to more buyers.

  4. If you need a plan B:
    It's frustrating when an offer falls through, regardless of the reason. But, if you keep good notes and an offer were to fall through for any reason, you'll have a list of backup buyers to reach out to.

  5. If you need advice:
    If you're working with HomeBay, you can share your activity and notes with us so we can help you evaluate how well your listing is doing relative to other listings. Knowing how much activity your getting helps us optimize your listing and attract more buyers.

 You should track:

  1. The date of each showing
  2. The name of the person/agent who viewed
  3. Their phone number
  4. Their email address
  5. Any feedback they gave you.

Download our free editable potential buyer log to simplify the process! 

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