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Jessica's Home Bay Listing
Home Bay property listing

Jessica's beautifully staged home sold quickly.

Jessica's Story:

Jessica is no stranger to buying and selling real estate. In fact, she has purchased three homes and sold two. She had always worked with an agent in the past, but her experiences had left her struggling to sign the 3% commission check. That's why, when she and her family prepared to sell their California home and move to Arizona, Jessica decided to do things a little differently.

Prior Real Estate Experiences:

Several years ago, Jessica was simultaneously buying and selling properties represented by two agents who belonged to the same brokerage. The agents were thrilled because both the purchase and the sale would help them boost their brokerage's annual sales numbers. Unfortunately, their eagerness to close quickly distracted the agents from what they should have been focused on: Jessica and her family's best interests.

Hoping her last experience was a fluke, Jessica enlisted the help of a buyer's agent a couple years later. Things started out okay, but in time, the agent became unresponsive. It got so bad that by the time Jessica was heading into escrow, all correspondence was being routed through her agent's assistant. The agent who would be receiving a 3% commission check was completely MIA. 

Taking a Different Approach:

Fed up and frustrated, Jessica said, "It just made me feel like the massive amounts of money involved in real estate just drives the wrong behavior." So rather than risk putting her family through yet another negative experience, she decided it was time to take matters into her own hands. She started looking for the right for sale by owner service to help her through the selling process.

Finding Home Bay:

Home Bay was created with sellers like Jessica in mind. Luckily, she saw a post of ours on Facebook and decided to check us out. After reviewing our website and learning about our process, she decided to use Home Bay to help her sell her home without an agent. (And we're glad she did!)

Hard Work Pays Off With Hot Offer:

Jessica and her husband proved that putting time and effort into preparing your home prior to listing can not only impact how quickly your home sells, it can also impact how much money you make on the sale. The image on the left shows how much thought the couple put into beautifully staging their home - and it paid off big time!

Jessica said, "We did a lot of work to the home  prior to listing, so we expected it to sell pretty quickly in a hot market.  However, we didn't expect to get such a great offer (10k over asking price) just one day after listing!"

Advice for Future Sellers Considering Home Bay:

“I highly recommend selling your home through Home Bay, if you are prepared to put in the time and do the work required.  You need to clean, stage and learn the best ways to show a home before listing." said Jessica.

"Luckily,  Home Bay provides comprehensive guidelines for pre-sale, they walked us through escrow and they answered all of our questions throughout the process."

Her plans for the money she saved? “We kept $60,000.00 in commission and bought a plot of land in Arizona. We're building our dream home - and we're not planning on selling this one!”

When asked if she would use Home Bay again, Jessica gave a one word answer. "Yes!

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