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Types of Home Buyers (& Which Ones are Best to Work With)

When you decide to sell your home or an investment property, you want to work with specific types of buyers. The best individuals to work with ultimately depend on your situation and goals; however, certain types of buyers make the process of selling your property a little easier than others. Let's take a look!

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3 Questions Home Buyers Will Almost Definitely Ask

Savvy buyers almost always ask questions before making an offer on a home. The answers they get from you can make a difference in how much money they offer you, or if they make an offer at all. Here are three questions you should expect buyers to ask and be prepared to answer. 

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When Should You Sell Your Rental Home?

Whether you inherited a family member’s home, kept your starter home after upgrading, or spent the last few years investing in rental real estate, you may find yourself having a “keep-or-sell?” debate. The right path can depend on a variety of factors unique to your property and your market. Read on to learn what you’ll want to consider when deciding whether to keep or sell your rental home.

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3 Must-Know 2017 California Real Estate Trends

Wondering what's going on in the California real estate market? Need to know how current conditions will impact your home sale? Looking to buy and want to know what you're up against? Keep reading for answers! 

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California Dominates Zillow's List of Hottest Seller Markets

If you understand the basic premise of supply and demand, it should come as no surprise that a number of California cities made Zillow's recent list of the hottest seller markets. But just how far ahead of the pack are California metros? Read on to find out. 

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What Buyers Want - According to the 2016 Houzz Renovation Study

A 2016 study by online home decor site, Houzz, asked U.S. homeowners for details on their renovation habits and tallied up the results. It turns out, the desire to update and improve a home comes naturally to a high percentage of homeowners. Learn what they found and get insight on what home shoppers have on their house hunting wish list!

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Selling a High-Priced or Unique Property? Read This.

High-priced homes and homes with unusual features and amenities can be harder to sell than homes with more generic floor plans. Let's take a look at why that is and review a few things you should consider before you list.

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Selling Your Own Home? 5 Easy Ways to Impress Potential Buyers

When you sell your own home, you have to communicate with potential buyers. Your goal in doing so should always be to answer their questions and to get them excited about your property. Follow the simple, effective tips below to make sure your interactions leave potential buyers with a positive impression of you and your home.

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4 Easy Ways to Reduce For Sale By Owner Stress

Don't let selling your home stress you out! Sure, there's a lot involved, but if you know how to prepare, what to expect and how to avoid potential roadblocks - you'll quickly find that selling your home doesn't have to threaten your sanity. Keep reading to learn how to avoid common seller stresses!

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2017 Data: The Best Time to Sell Your California Home Is...

Wondering when you should list your California home to make more money and sell faster? Zillow just performed a national analysis to determine the best time to list in 2017. The results? You might want to start collecting boxes! Check this out... Read More

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