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California Home Sellers: Understand Who You’re Selling To

When you sell a home, you have to know what your target market wants. Especially when you're selling in a diverse market that spans several different generations. Keep reading to learn how to speak to potential buyers in a way that will get them interested in your California home.

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13 Unique Home Seller Marketing Ideas for 2016

Selling your own home is an exciting process - but some homeowners get a little stressed when they start to think about what it's going to take to market their listing effectively. This post will make sure you're off and running with thirteen excellent ways to market your home. 

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3 Creative Places to Promote Your Home Listing

Getting your home listed is the easy part. Now, it's time to figure out where you can promote your property to attract high-quality buyer traffic. If you're feeling stumped, check out this list for some ideas on how to quickly and easily generate lots of interest in your listing.

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Home Seller Question: Do You Need a For Sale Sign?

Are you a home seller wondering if you need a for sale sign for your yard? If so, you're in the right place. Read on for our expert real estate staff's take on whether or not for sale signs are a valuable marketing tool for sellers. Read More

3 Benefits of Appealing to the Multi-Generational Market

A 2014 Pew Research study found that 57 million Americans lived in multi-generational households in 2012. These homes accommodate young families, adult children and aging parents under one roof. Today, many sellers are focused on making sure their listing appeals to buyers seeking multi-generational homes. Learn how to draw these home shoppers to your listing.

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3 Ways to Attract Starter Home Buyers to Your Listing

So, you are thinking of selling your starter home or condo to upgrade to a bigger property, but how do you attract young buyers? With Millennials expected to be the largest home buying demographic this year, you have lots of opportunity to do so. Follow the steps below to make your starter home more appealing to starter home shoppers.

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4 Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Home Listing

You say, "I want to sell my home fast." But are you doing the top four things you need to do to market your home? Read on to find out.

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How to Optimize Your Zillow For Sale By Owner Listing

Tom here (co-founder of HomeBay). I have over a billion dollars in sales experience, and I'm frequently asked by home sellers what can be done to improve their real estate listing. Today, I spoke with a lot owner who has his land listed on the for sale by owner section of Zillow. He was looking for guidance on how to improve his listing. My feedback is summarized below. If you have a FSBO or land lot listed on Zillow, these suggestions will help you too, so please follow along.

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Sellers - Use These Sites to Maximize Your Listing Exposure

How do you make sure buyers are seeing your listing? Promote it online. But where?According to a 2014 report by the National Association of Realtors, a whopping 96% of home buyers use the internet when searching for their new home.

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10 Proven Ways to Get More Buyers To Your Home Listing

The better you market your home, the more money you will be able to sell it for. Why? Because more marketing equals better exposure, more showings, more offers and ultimately, a higher sales price. So how do you maximize your marketing? Follow the 10 tips outlined below to optimize your listing exposure.

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