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California Home Sellers: Understand Who You’re Selling To

When you sell a home, you have to know what your target market wants. Especially when you're selling in a diverse market that spans several different generations. Keep reading to learn how to speak to potential buyers in a way that will get them interested in your California home.

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Secret Formula for Writing Listing Descriptions that Sell

Stunning photos and well-written listing descriptions are essential tools that will help you sell your home. Here are some tips on how to write a short and sweet listing description that will convince prospective buyers that your property is worth checking out.
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Write a Winning Listing Description in 500 Characters or Less

When someone asks you about your home, you have no problem talking about it - but when you're asked to write about it, you get stuck. Sound familiar? Follow this formula to write a home description that engages buyers, generates buzz and helps you sell your home quickly.

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