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DIY Homeowner: 7 Must Have Tools You Need Now

Even if your home is "move-in ready," you're still going to have to take on home improvement projects here and there. There are a few must-have tools you'll want to pick up — especially if you're a first-time homeowner! Keep reading to learn about seven essential tools you'll want to add to your toolbox. 

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Solar Power 101: Pros, Cons & Costs to Consider

Solar power has never been more available and affordable in the United States. Ample capacity to power the equivalent of 5.7 million average American homes now exists, reports the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy. If you're a homeowners considering solar power keep reading to learn what your options are, what you can expect to pay, and what benefits you'll gain from solar power.

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Interior Design Trends: Beautiful Backsplash Options

Kitchen backsplashes were originally designed to protect the paint near kitchen work spaces from splatters and spills. However, nowadays they have evolved into an important design statement. Here are a few of the trendiest options for your kitchen backsplash. 

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Homeowner How-To's: Landscaping for Your Zone

Thinking about landscaping? A plush, green lawn adorned with the right plants and greenery can really take your home's curb appeal to the next level—which is especially beneficial if you're thinking about selling in the near future. Still, maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn can be challenging, especially in a climate like Florida's. Fortunately, we've got some easy-to-follow, budget-friendly tips on how to landscape for your zone in Florida!

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Homeowner How-To's: 5 Building Code Requirements You Probably Don't Know

With a bit of imagination and elbow grease, there are lots of small improvements you can do around the house. But, if you're contemplating a renovation that goes beyond cosmetic work, you need to pay attention to municipal regulations and building codes that are in place to assure your health and safety. Here are five compliance issues you might not know about: 

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Home Improvements: When to Do it Yourself & When to Hire a Pro

Even if you're handy and are not afraid to get your hands dirty, there are some home improvement projects that you shouldn't tackle without the help of a professional. But how do you decide when to hire a pro and when you can do it yourself? Keep reading to find out.

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Home Flooring Trends & Money Saving Tips

Installing new floors in your house provides you with an opportunity to increase the value of your property and update the appearance of your space. Depending on your budget and your goals, the best flooring solutions for your updating and remodeling project will vary. This post will explain how select flooring that's up to date with current trends without breaking the bank.

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6 Hidden Baby Nursery Dangers to Watch For [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you're preparing to welcome a new family member into your life, there are plenty of things you need to do to prepare - not the least of which is putting a nursery together. But what you may not know is there are some hidden dangers that could be lurking in your future baby's room. Check out this infographic from HealthyChild.org to learn what to watch for! Read More

Everything You Need to Know About the HERO Program

Considering participating in the HERO program and want to learn more about it? Thinking about selling your HERO approved home and want to understand how the process works? Whatever the case, this post has the info you need. Learn all about this energy-efficiency incentive program and what you need to know if you're selling a HERO property.

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Improve You Home in 10 Minutes or Less! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Want to fix up your home but don't have a lot of time? Take a look at this infographic to learn about home improvement quick-fixes that will revitalize your home in no time flat! Read More

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