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New Home Projects Cost More Than You Think {INFOGRAPHIC}

HomeAdvisor is a great resource for homeowner advice, tips and how-to's. You can use their website to price various projects and find licensed, bonded professionals who can help you transform your house into your dream home. But how much will it cost you? Scroll down to find out...

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Who Pays for What in a Conventional Loan Home Sale in California?

If you're selling your home to a buyer who is taking out a conventional loan, you're probably wondering what costs you're going to have to pay at closing. This post will define some of the most common conventional loan costs that impact California home buyers and sellers and will explain who is responsible for paying each fee.

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HOA Transfer Fees: Definitions, Costs & More

If you live in an area with a homeowner’s association, you may notice an HOA transfer fee listed in the closing cost ledger. This post will explain what an HOA transfer fee is, what it covers, who pays for it and how to learn more about transfer fees in your community. 
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Real Estate Agent Commission 101 for Sellers

Understanding which agent does what in a real estate transaction and who pays for their services is very important, and we're going to go over all the details today. But before we deep dive into information on real estate agent commissions, let's start with a couple of simple definitions: 

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14 Common California Home Seller Fees - Explained

When you sell your home, it's important you understand the smorgasbord of fees involved. This post will list all the most common fees paid by California sellers. It will also explain when and why each one is incurred.

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