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Looking for HomeBay Reviews? You Found Them!

Smart consumers always research any company they're considering hiring before they sign on, and you're no exception! Here's a list of our customer case studies and reviews. Please let us know if you have any questions! 

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For Sale: Charming 3 Bedroom House in Sacramento, CA

This home has been renovated with beautiful modern touches. Take a look!

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Thinking about selling a home in 2017? Read This.

If you're considering selling a home in 2017, you'd probably be happy to get some first-hand advice on how to sell quickly and efficiently. I bet you're also eager to learn how to make as much money as possible at closing. This post provides just that! Read on for real advice from successful recent home sellers.

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For Sale: Updated 3 Bedroom House in Winnetka, CA

You could move right in to this wonderfully updated home with 3 bedrooms in Winnetka. Take a look!

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Selling a Home in California? Read This First.

California home sellers have a lot to gain right now. Inventory is low, prices are high, competition among buyers is fierce, and with rising interest rates looming - buyers are extra motivated. But there's another reason California home sellers are celebrating - because there's a new way you can save thousands of dollars at closing. How? 

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Termite Inspection Reports: Defined & Explained

A termite report is a document provided by a licensed home inspector or pest control company that details their findings after an inspection. These reports reveal whether or not the inspector found any evidence of unwanted guests in your home. Keep reading to learn exactly what you can expect to find in your termite inspection report.

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5 Simple Ways to Make More Money on Your Home Sale

When you list a property for sale, the obvious goal is to - well - sell it. But if you're like most sellers, your secondary goals are to sell relatively quickly and to make as much money as possible at closing. But what can you do to increase your odds of making more money on your home sale? Read on for some smart and simple ideas.

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New Listing: Massive 4 Bedroom Home In Rocklin, CA

This newer construction home offers almost 4,000 square feet of space. The design shows great attention to detail and there's a home theater for your entertainment. Check it out!

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Just Sold: 4 Bedroom With Solar Panels In Yucaipa, CA

This newer construction home offers almost 4,000 square feet of space with great attention to detail and a home theater, perfect for entertaining.

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5 Things You Must Do to Prepare for Retirement

It's so important that you follow the appropriate steps to financially, mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for retirement. Doing so will help ensure that you have a smooth transition into the next big step in your life. Follow the steps outlined below to make sure you're as prepared as you can be to enjoy your time away from work!

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